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Are you still employed at the place where the harassment took place?

Were you issued any employment evaluations?

Did you receive any other awards or other evaluations of your employment?

Were you ever disciplined in the past prior to the event about which you are currently complaining?

Are there any written documents outlining the terms of your employment?

Was your position covered by Union contract (even if you are not a union member)?

Who is the person that harassed you?

What is the gender of that person?

Was that person a supervisory employee?

Was that person your supervisor?

What position did that person hold in the company?

Did the harasser ever offer any benefit?

Did the harasser ever threathen any adverse action if you did not submit to advance or improper conduct?

Did the harasser ever touch you inappropriately on any part of your body?

Did you ever communicate to the harasser that you did not want to continue any relationship with the harasser?

Did you ever engage in sexual relations with the harasser?

Did the harasser ever take any other action which you believed to be harassing?

Did you ever notify your harasser that you wished that he or she would stop the harassment?

Did your employer have a sexual harassment policy?

Did you report the harassment?

Was the incident ever investigated?

How has the harassment affected you personally?

Do you believe that any disciplinary action was taken against you based on your complaint to any agency, your report of illegal activity, your refusal to participate in illegal activity, or your objection to illegal activity?

Were you paid overtime payment of time and a half your regular wage for hours worked in excess of 40 a week?

What person or company did you charge with violating employment laws or regulations?

What employment laws or regulations did you contend that the company violated?

Have you ever previously formally charged any employer with violation of employment law (for example, violations of overtime laws, OSHA regulations, or EEOC violations)?

Have you ever sued anyone before for any reason?

How did you learn of our firm?

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