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Hiring Circumstances (including who hired you and how you learned about the job):

Were you issued any employment evaluations?

Did you receive any other awards or other evaluation of your employment?

Were you ever disciplined by your employer?

Did you sign a written non-compete agreement?

Is your non-compete agreement a part of a general employment contract between you and your employer?

Do you feel that the employer has violated any state or federal laws regarding harassment or discrimination based on protected characteristics (race, sex, disability, national origin, martial status, pregnancy, veterans status, age, etc.)?

Do you feel that the employer has violated any other laws relating to your employment (i.e., whistle blower retaliation or other retaliation, failure to pay overtime, etc.)?

Have you executed any other agreements with the employer after you entered into the non-compete agreement?

Did the employer otherwise take any action or fail to take any action during the period of your employment which you feel prevented you from continuing your work with that employer (i.e., maintain policies which would have required you to violate standards for your profession or which would have required you to behave in a dishonest or disreputable fashion)?

In what type of industry are you employed?

Is this a competitive industry?

Do customers deal with the various companies in your industry based solely on the price offered by the companies?

In leaving the company, will you or have you been able to bring any customers with you to your new employer?

Does the employer with whom you have entered into a non-compete agreement have any trade secrets, customer lists, or distinctive methods of operation which provide it any specific advantage in your industry?

How will (or how has) your leaving your employer affect that employer's overall business standing, profitability, or competitiveness?

What is the term (length and time) which the non-compete agreement prohibits you from working in a competing or similar business?

What is the geographic area in which you are prohibited from working under the non-compete agreement?

Does the employer have offices or locations elsewhere in the state of Florida?

Based on the geographic area listed in the non-compete agreement, will you be prevented from working in the State of Florida?

Are there any specific reasons why you believe the non-compete agreement would not be enforceable?

Were you paid overtime payment of time and a half your regular wage for hours worked in excess of 40 a week

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